An Afternoon in Corby
About the pictures
I went out for a ride about on my bike the other day, and took my camera along. The photographs you see on this site were all taken over about an hour and a half, and most of them are from the Kingswood Housing Estate in Corby, Northamptonshire. All the people volunteered to be photographed and placed on this site; they are locals who were curious about what I was up to. The pictures were taken with a Casio QV-7000SX and the only image processing I have done is to convert them to greyscale and, in a couple of cases, to adjust the brightness and contrast. The town did the rest to itself.
About me
My name is Mark Kelly and I have lived in Corby pretty much all my life. I send a fair amount of my time playing about with my computer, either trying to make pretty things, stumbling around the internet, or trying to figure out why on earth it just did that when I clearly instructed it to do this. I also love Linda, but you probably knew that already.
About the site
The pages were authored in Quanta+, previewed in Mozilla, and uploaded with Kbear. Image processing was by The GIMP, image scaling by Imagemagick, and it was all running on top of Redhat GNU/Linux 7.3 and KDE 3. If you have anything to do with any of this excellent free software you have my thanks. Great Job.

All images and code on this site are copyright Mark J. Kelly 2002. No use or copying without permission.