O b s c u r e G r a p h i c s

I have been totally fascinated by computer graphics ever since I saw my first, a dot-matrix printout picture of Concorde made entirely from text & punctuation.

The first thing I did when I got my own first computer (a Commodore 64) was to go hunting for graphics software. I have been doodling around with various packages ever since, migrating first to an Amiga, nowadays on a windows PC, and I can't imagine me ever stopping.

What you see here are some of the results of all that playing around.

Updates will be rare (look at the dates on the ones that are here already) but there will be some. You just have to wait until I do something else I like. If you want to be notified when a new image is posted, email me.

Other stuff:
The Wasted Times

Please note that all images on this website are Copyright Mark J. Kelly 1995-2001 and you do NOT have permission to copy or store them. You do not have permission to alter the images, nor to pass them off as the work of anyone other than me. If you want to use them in any way just email me and ask, I'll probably say yes - I just want to know what people are doing with my pictures.

C'mon, I'm serious about this, it's not just a bit of text I thought I should have on here - don't steal this stuff. Make your own, be creative - you might well be surprised at what you can accomplish...
I Dreamed a Hallway 24-02-2002
Is it someone coming to rescue me, or are they shutting me in (or out)? Do I need rescued? To be honest, I have no idea.

Still Life with silence 16-06-2001
Expressing emotion and creativity through such a technical medium as computer graphics is a constant struggle. For every time I feel I get close, there are a thousand failures. I tried really hard to get a feel of emptiness and longing in this picture, and am happy with the results.

Chilhood Shadows 01-03-2001
This was inspired by seeing photographs of myself when I was young (the same pictures used in the image) and not recognising the little boy in them. Strangers bring me memories, and I have no choice but to accept them.

Spiral Arm Galaxy Banner 13-11-2000
I play a free web-based strategy and combat game called Planetarion (give it a whirl) that gives you a planet to manage. The game essentially revolves around stealing & keeping asteroids around your planet, and includes the facility to display a galaxy banner to represent yourself and your neighbours. This was what I came up with while I was a member of the "Spiral Arm" galaxy.

Self Portrait 18-10-2000
To be honest, I'm not sure what to say about this one - it's a self portrait. While I was working on it I was probably thinking about the way mediated visual experience that purports to reveal the spirit of things can be deceptive (that's not my skull) and lead us to believe we know things we really cannot. Or maybe I just made that up.

Natural History 28-09-2000
I had been wanting to have a play with collage style images for a while before I decided one day to just go ahead and do it. All the elements used to compose this image are from the Natural History Museum Picture Library, hence the title.

Akira Not too sure when
More digital photography, this time post-processed with an "oil painting" filter. Most of the time these filters are just annoying, but on this picture I think it works well. Akira is the baby's name and that's his mother Zanna holding him.

Rose 23-11-1999
This is actually one of the first pictures I took with our digital camera that I actually liked as a picture (not just a snapshot). It's not really artwork or graphics, but I'm including it here because I can. Whose page is this anyway?

Gallery 16-09-1999
I have had this image in my head for ages, and this is about the third attempt. It's a virtual art gallery for my virtual art. Apart from the old photo of me, all the pictures on the wall are my work too, done with Imagine on an Amiga computer, long ago. The first version of this pic was done on my Amiga too. This will probably change next time I get bored and re-design the pic again.