Sunday, April 28, 2002

More silliness - A Kitten Band playing happy music on a beach! What could possibly be more lovely?
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Thursday, April 25, 2002

Hey look - all the people look like ants from up here! And what's this? A giant magnifying glass? Perfect...
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And while I'm at Yahoo, how about this - a Florida businessman is creating a series of trading cards based on the lives of people killed in the Sept. 11 attacks. This just seems so wrong to me somehow.
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Cristie Kerr kisses the trophy she received for winning the LPGA Longs Drugs Challenge
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George Bush like you've never seen him before!

Someone has had a lot of fun making these pics, but there are quite a few, so modem users may have to be patient.
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This looks like fun: a bunch of people in New York have taken to demonstrating their objection to surveillance cameras by performing small plays in front of them, for the entertainment and enlightenment of both the watchers and any passers-by. And if like me you fancy having a go yourself, their website includes not only an interesting How-To Guide but some downloadable scripts too. Top notch creative activism.
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Play a game of Darts in your browser - whatever will they think of next?
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If like me you have trouble telling your ICBM from your USAFSS you'll love the WorldWideWeb Acronym and Abbreviation Server.
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I'd have to categorise this link as strangely beautiful, I think. It's a collection of pictures and information about a church in the outskirts of the czech town Kutna Hora. The exterior is very nice, although nothing really special, but inside it's remarkable. It has been decorated throughout with human bones. The results are quite astounding, and I thoroughly enjoyed both browsing the images and reading some of the history of the place and it's decoration. One of the things I found fascinating is the way the bones have been used purely as basic shapes for construction, divorcing them entirely from their former function of holding someone's meat upright. It certainly makes for some striking photography, and a fascinating website.

I didn't find this at all tasteless or offensive, but be warned, you might.
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Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Right, that's me through the backlog, now I'm off to watch ASCAR rookie training at my local racetrack. Vroooom!
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Get Your War On (warning: some swearing, but damn is it funny).
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It had to happen eventually: the hospital that brought you The World's First Trangenic Talking Mouse is proud to unveil The World First Male Pregnancy.
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Aaah, now we're getting to it - with the help of the haxor translator I can pretend to be a super-cool 12 year old software pirate. Actually, looking at the output, I could just as easily use it as encryption.

And again, in haxor this time:

444h, n0w w3'r3 g377ing 70 i7 - wi7h 7h3 h31p 0f 7h3 h4x0r 7r4ns1470r I c4n pr373nd 70 b3 4 sup0r-c001 12 y34r 01d s0f7w4r3 pir473. 4c7u411y, 100king 47 7h3 0u7pu7, I c0u1d jus7 4s 34si1y us3 i7 4s 3ncryp7i0n.
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Hello, and welcome to YogaKitty.

Our goal is to present a practical, step by step guide for humans & their cats to activate their fullest potential, allowing man, woman, & feline to dwell in the ecstasy of physical, mental, & spiritual health.
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Continuing my obsession with collecting odd reference sites, here is the Museum of Online Museums. This site has links to all manner of strange and interesting web collections - their featured pick at the moment is The Museum of Firecracker Pack Labels. Other gems include a Collection of Japanese Manhole Covers and The Museum of Airsickness Bags. And why not.
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I have several pet hates. I keep them in boxes under my desk and feed them on junk mail. Every now and then I take one out to play with it, and today it's the turn of "stupidly long webpage addresses that no-one could ever remember and that end up not working when your email program wordwraps them".

To the rescue comes which does exactly what it says on the box.

Take this little beauty here (which is a book everyone should read anyway)

All you do is paste it into the MASL page and in return you get
which is much nicer and won't get mangled by email/usenet transmission. And it takes you to the same place - try it if you don't believe me.

This is a fine example of someone using their brains to get round a problem created by other folks who didn't use theirs. A simple idea, well implemented.
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ThroneOut has learned that from next year the Queen Mother will replace Jesus as the central character in all official Church of England literature.

ObWarning: Fans of the Royal Family may not want to click this one.
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I always make sure to use the handbrake in my car whenever I park to avoid embarrassing incidents - imagine how these guys must feel.
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Monday, April 01, 2002

Wow, it's been a while...
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Everyone knows I love pointless crap. Preferably the kind that's made of plastic and eats batteries. It seems I'm not in fact the only one to feel like this, and there's a website that actually sells nothing but useless crap! Brilliant!
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This web server just has to be related to Marvin.
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