Friday, May 20, 2005

Lots of people have been buying shredders recently, and to be honest, I really couldn't see the point. Until I discovered these SSI Shredding Demonstrations that is. Now that is a shredder I could love. After seeing this beast eat a boat, a washing machine, and a sofa, I can't take the home models seriously.
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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Shop 'til you drop! I have no idea at all what to say, except that this is one of the funniest news stories I've read in ages, although the souce is a bit suspect. I do hope it's true. Imagine: "Mum! How did you hurt your head?"
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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Just stumbled across some great photos of the 2005 Snow Sculpture Championships. And I though writing my name was clever...
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Someone keeps stealing my letters...
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I have that whole napkin folding thing sorted.
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This student submission made me laugh, but I suspect he may not have got a good mark for it. Fig. 1 has the best caption ever.
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Because Passport to the Pub is written to introduce tourists to the wonders of British pub life it has a refreshing "oustside in" feel to it. Because it was written by the Director of the Social Issues Research Centre it's a remarkably perceptive and accurate description. I found reading it an interesting experience, as I recognised almost all of the unwritten rules, and seeing them written down gave me a very different look at things we all take for granted when we wander into the pub. The whole document is quite long, but if you are anything like me you'll be hooked 'til the end, and going to the pub will never be quite the same again. Honestly.
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