Thursday, September 23, 2004

Just a quick warning for you Windows guys. Why aren't you using Firefox?
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Monday, September 13, 2004

Earth View is a nice little web program for looking at world and weather data. Unfortunately, because of the way the page works it is impossible for me to link you fine folks to a specific setup, but here is a quick tip for looking at the UK: set the Latitude to 52°28' and the Longditude to 0°, then just select select the image type you want and hit the "Update" button. Brought to us by John Walker, a rather smart chap who also co-authored AutoCAD and gave us the Hacker's Diet.
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It's started - the animals are fighting back!
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Sometimes the world is weird enough to be scary.
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Underground Cinema in the Paris Catacombs. I really like knowing that someone somewhere is doing stuff like this, but still, it's a shame that these mystery film fans have to lose their cinema for me to find out about it. I'd be prepared to bet that a replacement is well under way in another long-lost cavern deep beneath the city, or at least I hope so.
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Friday, September 10, 2004

When I started doing this, one of the things I had no intention of including in the links was Celebrity Gossip. Well, so much for that. Still, this isn't just your ordinary half-arsed boring gossip, this one is the A List. Enjoy it now, before a lawyer finds it...
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The Giants of Anime are Coming and Charles C. Mann can explain to you what that means, and why you should care. Great article.
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I can't decide whether NASA faked the whole Moon Landing or just Neil Armstrong's audio feed. Now, for possibly the first time ever, you can see the evidence yourself and make up your own mind.
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Origami done right (wow!) and wrong.
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Kevin Hulsey creates the kind of beautiful technical illustration I've been drooling over since I was a kid, and there are many terrific examples on his website. Navigation could be simpler at times though, so if you think you've looked at all the images and still want more, head to the site map for a complete list. I think my favourite part of the site is the amazing Demonstration For Cutaway Technical Illustrations where he talks us through the creation of a cruise ship image.
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WordGizmo is "an exercise in finding meaning in nonsense" by generating a random new word and letting you write a definition for it. You can also browse the dictionary and see the stuff other people have come up with. It reminds me of The Meaning of Liff, with the addition of that interesting Free-For-All interactivity that the Interweb does best. I had a really entertaining time coming up with definitions for the random words it gave me (try it after a glass or two of wine, and get everyone in the room involved), so much so that I even submitted a couple. An excellent example of a basically simple but infinitely entertaining game.
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