Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The Cyborg Name Generator:

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Photobucket Image Hosting and Free Online Photo Albums seems to do exactly what it says on the tin, which is excellent for anyone who would like to put photos on the web but can't be arsed messing about with all that html nonsense. You can have as many albums as you like, up to a rather generous 100Mb of space and, as the sample album shows, they look pretty decent too. All in all an excellent free service.
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Sunday, June 27, 2004

This would stop anyone borrowing your mobile phone, that's for sure!
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Chaoscopia is mathematics as art, stunning, evocative, and subtle. Well worth a closer look.
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Lore Brand is my new hero, he's into gadgets and has a real message of hope for us all. Straight into the online comics top ten, no hesitation.
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Next time your job interview turns into a rejection letter you'll know what to do . . . reject the rejection. And in today's other Top Tip: How to tie your shoelaces. You're welcome.
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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Welcome to the Internet.
No one here likes you.

This is geek activism at it's finest and funniest, a harsh but accurate geek's eye view of the net. And I have to admit, the guy has a point; this is their world, and we would do well to keep on their good side. It rather reminds me of the original Hacker Manifesto, minus some agression and with some chuckles thrown in.
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Friday, June 25, 2004

Ahoy! Windows users beware! An unpatched (ie. there is no fix) vulnerability in Internet Explorer is being combined with hacked corporate sites to infect yet more machines with malware. Here are a couple of the highlights...

"This time, however, the flaws affect every user of Internet Explorer, because Microsoft has not yet released a patch. Moreover, the infectious Web sites are not just those of minor companies inhabiting the backwaters of the Web, but major companies, including some banks" and "The group also pointed out that the malicious program uploaded to a victim's computer is not currently detected as a virus by most antivirus software."

If you ask me (of course no-one ever does) it really is time you either looked seriously at using a different web browser like my personal favourite Firefox, or took the advice of Brent Houlahan, chief technology officer of NetSec. "I told my wife, unless it is absolutely necessary and unless you are going to a site like our banking site, stay off the Internet right now," he said.

Update: Someone on Slashdot just posted a link to this article about a similar exploit that is using image files. It looks as if simply allowing IE to load images is not safe anymore. This is getting ridiculous . . .
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Saturday, June 19, 2004

What follows is one representative newspaper account of the strange story of Merhan Karimi Nasseri, a man without country, trapped by his lack of papers in Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris, France, since 26 August 1988.
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If they ever make these in adult sizes I'll have the perfect way to explore mountains in style and safety.
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TheyWorkForYou.com is a web-wish come true for me - a simple way to find out what your MP (or anybody else's) is up to, what they have been saying, and how they spends their time. A fantastic site, this is a huge improvement over the opaque mess that is Hansard, Parliament's own records site.
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Top quality useless information can be hard to come by, but this place has you covered.
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Loretta Lux takes strange pictures.
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Everything seems to be getting smaller nowadays, but I'm not sure you'd get me in a miniature jet plane, especially one that does 150mph!
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RoboSapien is the first robot based on the science of applied biomorphic robotics (I have no idea what that means, but you have to admit it sounds impressive) enabling him to move and react more like a human. There's a review at Pocket-lint, and you can buy (me) one from BoysStuff.co.uk, who also have a small video of the little darling in action. Lovely.
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I've seen quite a few custom computer cases over the years, and in general they don't really impress; cutting a hole in the side and adding a blue light does not a custom case make. This amazing project to build a PC into a 3/4 scale model of a cartoon schoolgirl however is about as custom as they come. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for photos of the finished object, then try and imagine it sitting in your living room . . . scary huh?

Another one that pleased my eye is Orac3, that watercooling system is not only technologically quite cool, it's gorgeous too.
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I'm sure you, like me, have often seen hip-hop style gentlemen on the television. I always wondered where on earth they managed to find such ugly jewellery, but now I know. GangstaGold.com would seem to be the place. Just the spot if you are looking for bizarre stick-on teeth or your name in diamonds. Bling bling!
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